Mono Bottom Rigs - 2 Drop

These are the most popular rigs for the North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia Coasts. Rigs are tied with 40 lb. mono using #3 nickel snaps and #5 nickel barrel swivels and a plated connecting link. Rigs with the letter K in front of the stock number, use a #5 sinker snap. All others use a # 14 link. UPC indicates rig has individual UPC tag.

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Mono Bottom Rigs - 3 Drop

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Loop Style Mono Bottom Rigs

Double drop rigs tied with 40 lb. monofilament. Rigs have #3 nickel snaps and a #5 nickel swivel. The sinker is attached by the 2 monofilament loop tied at the end of the rig. Two drop loop rigs are available with a plain snap or the addition of beads and skirts for extra attraction.

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Coated Wire Bottom Rigs

Double drop, 45 lb. nylon coated wire is for the toothy critter, using a #5 swivel and #3 snaps. Available with or without red beads, in black or clear coated wire. Hardware is plated to match the wire.

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Skirted Bottom Rigs

Double drop skirt rigs have colorful skirts at the hook snap for added attraction. Tied on 40 lb. monofilament using #3 nickel snaps and a #5 nickel swivel. Sinker attachment is provided with a # 14 connecting link.

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Standard Bottom Rigs
Old Dominion style wire Bottom Rig. Use with snelled hooks.
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Heavy Duty Wire Bottom Rigs

Old Dominion Rig, 1040HD, has twisted wire arms and #6 interlock snap and 60 lb. nylon coated wire. The 1060HD is the same except made with monofilament.

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Heavy Duty Mono Bottom Rigs
Heavy duty 2‑drop mono rigs. Use with snelled hooks.
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Gulf Coast Bottom Rigs - 1 & 2 Drop

Gulf style rigs are available in mono or nylon coated wire. Each Style is available in a beaded single or beaded double drop. Gulf rigs are individually UPC tagged.

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Egg Ready Rigs with Snap

Egg ready rigs for flounder, trout, and bottom fish. They are made with 45 lb nylon coated wire. Rigs come with a slip egg sinker, a #3 snap, and a #5 swivel. An all time favorite rig for the saltwater angler. One of Floridas best sellers. Available individually packaged or bulk on a shower ring. Overall rig length is 22.

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Egg Ready Rigs with Hook

Ready rigs with hooks are available in bulk or convenient two packs. Bulk rigs are 12 per ring/bag and available in sizes 1/8 oz through 3 oz. Two pack rigs are available in sizes ¼ oz through 2 oz. Sizes 1/8 through 1 ½ oz rigs have 1/0 hooks while 2 and 3 oz rigs have 2/0. All rigs are constructed with 45 lb nylon coated wire.

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Circle Hook Ready Rigs - Mono

These ready rigs are ideal for bottom fishing using live or dead bait. They are made with 40# clear mono. Rigs come with egg sinker, 220# test KROK® swivel, and 1/0 or 2/0 Lazer Sharp® by Eagle Claw® circle hook. Leader length is 17.

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Trout Rigs

Trout rigs have a #3 nickel snap and a swiveled cigar sinker on the end of the 15, 40 lb monofilament.


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Blackfish Hi-Lo Rigs
Blackfish hi-lo rigs are rigged with Black Virginia Hooks with a crane barrel swivel.
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Blackfish Bottom Rigs
Blackfish rigs are made with Black Virginia Hooks, red beads, 3-way swivel and snap.
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