Drum Rig 'FF'

This style Drum Rig is snelled with 130 lb test mono to a #92553 style hook. The rig has a Sea Striker® nylon sinker slide with a #14 size connecting link. The 14 long rig is available with a 5/0 or 8/0 hook. A Hatteras favorite.


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Drum Rig 'DR'

This Drum Rig is made on 60 lb nylon coated wire with a 5/0 or 8/0 #92553 Mustad hook. The 17 rig has a 2/0 3‑way swivel with a #14 connecting link on the top end.

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Drum Rig 'PDR'

This style rig is made on a #1040HD heavy duty wire snell hook rig or a #1060HD heavy duty mono snell hook rig. The leaders have style 92553 plated 5/0 hooks.


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