Sea Scoundrel Ballyhoo Rigs

Professionally rigged with 15’ of 100 lb. mono, with a 7/0 saltwater O’Shaughnessy hook. Complete with a bait spring, 1/2 ounce chin weight, and wire nose tab.

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Ballyhoo Lures

Nylon trolling lures designed to work effectively with ballyhoo rigs or natural strip baits. Made with smooth nylon in nine color combinations. Available in 1/8 oz or 3/8 oz head sizes.


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Ballyhoo Lures - Rigged

Ballyhoo rigs are made with a 3/8 oz ballyhoo lure, 7766-7/0 Mustad hook, ½ oz egg sinker, copper wire, and 12 feet of 100 lb. mono. These rigs are professionally tied to work effectively with natural ballyhoo. Made with straight nylon, available in nine color combinations listed above.


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Sea Bug Ballyhoo Rigs